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These are samples of our Completed Transactions


                 Client 1037  Automation & Control Distributor  
                 Client 1040  Plumbing Products Distributor 

                 Client 1042  Distributor of Fasteners 


                 Client 2058  Metal Finishing
                 Client 2072  Factory Lubrication Solutions

                 Client 2074  Tool & Die, Prototypes, Machine Shop

                 Client 2080  Industrial Coatings

                 Client 2086  Precision Machine Shop


                 Client 3124 Cincinnati Upscale Restaurant

                 Client 3135 Cincinnati Westside Diner


                 Client 4129  Window Clearing Services

                 Client 4135  Metal Manufacturing Solutions
                 Client 4140  Vehicle Safety Equipment

                 Client 4142  Electrical Contractor

                 Cleint 4154  Real Estate Appraisal Services

                 Client 4156  Professional Staffing Services

                 Client 4160  Textile Cleaning and Rentals

                 Client 4162  Permit Tracking & Management Software
                 Client 4164  Accounts of a Bottled Water Supplier