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Listed are a compilation of some of our recently Completed Transactions.


                 Client 1037  Automation & Control Distributor  
                 Client 1040  Plumbing Products Distributor 

                 Client 1042  Distributor of Fasteners 


                 Client 2058  Metal Finishing
                 Client 2074  Tool & Die, Prototypes, Machine Shop

                 Client 2072  Factory Lubrication Solutions


                 Client 3135 Cincinnati Westside Diner


                 Client 4135  Metal Manufacturing Solutions
                 Client 4140  Vehicle Safety Equipment

                 Client 4142  Electrical Contractor

                 Client 4156  Professional Staffing Services

                 Client 4162  Permit Tracking & Management Software


Client 1037          Automation & Control Distributor

Transaction Occurred December 2015

Business Description:  This Business supplies control components and automation products to OEM’s.  They have excellent, well-known lines and broad territories.  They also provide compressed air and gas filters, membrane dryers, and gas generators to analytical and industrial users.  Customers are typically within 100 miles from their facilities.  They also supply packaged industrial components to military depots anywhere; they have the required Cage Code to do business directly with the military.  

Client 1040               Plumbing Products Distributor

Transaction Occurred December 2015

A very successful Southwestern Ohio Distributor of Plumbing Products is for sale.  The Business has been around for over four decades – proudly serving loyal customers with quality products at fair prices.

Client 1042                          Distributor of Fasteners

Transaction Occurred June 2016

This Company offers a full line of industrial products, specializing in fasteners required for production. They provide standard U.S. or Metric fasteners, as well as Screw Machine, CNC, or Stamped fasteners.  Products are purchased from Master Distributors and directly imported.  The Company also provides stocking programs, special packaging, plating, and machining, kitting, labeling, and bar-coding.



Client 2058                                       Metal Finishing

Transaction Occurred April 2015

This SW Ohio Business specializes in metal finishing, deburring and parts cleaning.  It has been satisfying customers for over twenty years.  Services include blasting, rust removal, sanding, and other value added services

Client 2074   Tool & Die, Prototypes, Machine Shop

Transaction Occurred August 2016

Business Description: The Business offers complete services – from prototype through production.  They design and manufacture special tooling and special machines from table top to room size and provide 3D modeling and CAM programming.  Parts production is an on-going and important portion of their Revenue.  They are specialists in the glass industry and make special machines to service the pressed, blown, and extruded glass companies.  They provide close tolerance precision CNC machining of a wide variety of materials including steel, alloys, plastics, and composites.

Client 2072   Manufacturing Lubrication Solutions

Transaction Occurred January 2017

Business Description: The Business through its products and services keeps machines lubricated and operating. A product line or machine that stops due to any critical part that is not lubricated and shuts down the line or machine stops production - a very expensive event in most cases. They offer system design, installation, lube audits, and on-site maintenance programs for their clients' facilities. They also provide training on industrial lubrication and fluid management. They serve all of Ohio and Kentucky and parts of Indiana. They do not sell lubricants - grease and oil - those are commodities


Client 3135                      Cincinnati Westside Diner

Transaction Occurred May 2016

This is a small diner that emphasizes home cooking by boasting numerous specialties such as their pretzel sandwiches and homemade desserts. This diner serves a wide range of foods covering breakfast, which is served all day, lunch and dinner.


Client 4135               Metal Manufacturing Solutions

Transaction Occurred May 2015

This twenty year old consulting firm contracts with manufacturers to go into their customers’ facilities to oversee and help manage how their products are performing.  The role of the Consultants is to solve problems and make manufacturing more efficient; they are independent contractors with specific manufacturing expertise.  They perform services that otherwise would be done by full time employees, keeping the full time employee count down.  The concept has proven to be financially and performance efficient.


Client 4140                       Vehicle Safety Equipment

Transaction Occurred January 2016

Business Description:  The Business sells, installs, and services safety equipment for police departments, fire departments, EMS departments.  Products include over 15,000 items including warning lights, light bars, sirens, emergency medical service supplies, and safety items of all types. Many of the fire, police, and EMS departments in the Greater Cincinnati area are customers. 

Client 4142                               Electrical Contractor

Transaction Occurred August 2016

Business Description: This small electrical contractor serving roughly a half dozen clients that include a home builder, remodelers, and miscellaneous maintenance/service clients. Most customers are in Greater Cincinnati and east of I-75; there are no limitations.

Client 4156                Professional Staffing Services

Transaction Occurred January 2018

Business Description: The Business provides staffing for Skilled Professional positions for manufacturing companies throughout the midwestern United States. They provide contract employees and direct placement services. 

Client 4162

Permit Tracking & Management Software

Transaction Occurred January 2018

Business Description: Founded in 1997, this Business has created and provides Computer Software under maintenance contracts. The Software is used to manage date for a specific vertical market that depends on efficiency and ease of use.